Rachel Thompson, Founder of Hamptons Glow™

Beauty is a Lifestyle™

Hamptons Glow™ was brought to life from a sunless tanning business Rachel started many years ago in The Hamptons & New York City called Hamptons Tanning™.

Always interested in anti-aging strategies, Rachel started Hamptons Tanning as a way to achieve a gorgeous, healthy “tan” without the long-term skin damaging effects of the sun.

Rachel has had the privilege of giving a sunless glow & beauty advice to celebrities, models, and jet set socialites bound for their next red carpet event or exotic vacation.

It was during this time she realized how much pleasure & satisfaction it brings her to help someone feel more beautiful and in turn, more confident.

Naturally curious, her passion for researching all things skincare & beauty began very early on and continued through her 20’s & 30’s. She has been known to humorously call herself a “Beauty Adventurer” in her quest for active ingredients that produce the best results.

She enjoys sharing what she has learned from years of researching the latest information, various disciplines of skincare & ways of incorporating an anti-aging lifestyle for long-term beauty results.

For Rachel, Hamptons Glow represents so much more than just a sunless tan, swipe of bronzer or layer of serum.

The word “Glow” is inspired by the beauty efforts & healthy lifestyles of the world’s most gorgeous & glamorous people who spend time, vacation, or live in the Hamptons.

She believes that when you create a strategic way of life around consistent skincare containing the finest quality active ingredients, consume nourishing “beauty” foods & incorporate an active lifestyle, you will see an incomparable change in the health of your skin.

Not only do you look better, you will actually feel better. That’s how you achieve your personal “Glow” and this is when you look & feel the most beautiful.

The Hamptons Glow purpose is to develop and share the products that can produce the best results, while providing information about the most effective lifestyle choices that are easily incorporated, so you can look and feel your best, right now, and for years to come.

Each product Hamptons Glow will deliver has multiple benefits, is always cruelty free and will help you achieve & maintain ageless beauty.

After many years of researching the very best beauty & skincare treatments, Rachel has created Hamptons Glow and is very excited to begin sharing this knowledge and passion with you.

Because she truly believes, Beauty is a Lifestyle™.