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The cooler months are upon us! The leaves are falling, we are dusting off our coats and cute boots, and the festive holidays will be here sooner than we realize.

The changing seasons act as the perfect reminder that our beauty regimen also needs adjusting as winters frosty air results in dehydrated, dull looking skin.

Long summer days meant we were able to get necessary vitamin D and enjoy the gorgeous glow of summer skin, which always makes us feel beautiful and confident.

But the drop in temperature during the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin and our spirits. Whether you are inside & cozy next to the fire or outside enjoying winter sports, your skin is constantly exposed to dry, harsh air. The result is skin that is stressed & dull.

It’s no secret that it is important to increase hydration to our skin by switching to richer moisturizer in winter, but consider perking up your skin and your mood with a layer of rich self tanning crème, gradual tanner or a quick burst of sunless spray. Looking into the mirror and seeing glowing, radiant skin is sure to perk up your spirits during the coldest months.

With a gorgeous glow that makes you feel beautiful, confident and cheerful, the dark, cold days of winter will have passed before you know it…. right into bikini season!

Here are just a couple of our favorite products to use during the "off season" & how we like to use them:

Hamptons Glow Antioxidant Self-Tanning Mist is packed with antioxidants, green & white tea to protect skin from stress and pollution.

It is great to spray your entire body but since we tend to show less skin in the colder months, we love to spray our face, neck & chest a couple of times per week before bed. You will wake up to a more even, glowing skin tone, which is always a mood booster!

The best way to do this is wash your face and apply any serums, moisturizers, etc as you normally would… wait 5 mins and then spray. Go to sleep and enjoy your gorgeous reflection when you wake up.

You can also use the spray to quickly give your legs and arms some color if you are wearing a dress, skirt or short sleeves. The spray has saved us countless times when our legs haven’t seen the light of day in months and we are invited to something last minute.

One container of Hamptons Glow Antioxidant Sunless Mist can generously apply up to three full body tans.

Winter Glow® was created specifically for perking up skin & spirits during the winter months. With high levels of hyaluronic acid, a supreme skin plumping & moisture retaining ingredient and special multi-peptide complex for cell renewal. This formula contains just a kiss of sunless color perfect for the winter months. Skin perfecting minerals reflect light for immediately luminous skin.

So, as we enter into the colder weather and shorter days, just remember that glowing skin is always in season!

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