• Hamptons Glow Self Tanning Cream Application Tips

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    Hamptons Glow
    Self Tanning Crème Application Tips

    Smart glow girls know that Beauty Is A Lifestyle® & this includes limiting sun exposure so skin stays healthy & ages gracefully.

    Every time you use a self tanner for a glow rather than sitting in the sun, you are making a deposit into your future beauty bank.

    For the most gorgeous results follow these tips when applying our Tan, Tone &Tighten Self Tanning Crème.

    It’s smart to regularly exfoliate a couple times per week & moisturize your skin daily, but an absolute must 24-48 hours before your application.

    Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours prior to application. This allows pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if done too close to applying your tan. If you must because of scheduling, etc., run very cold water over the areas that have been waxed or shaved to encourage the pores to close.

    Start with clean skin. It’s best not to apply heavy oils & moisturizers right before your tan. A few hours before is okay, but applying closer to application of the tanner will inhibit optimal color development.

    However, before application do apply a thin layer of regular (not self-tanning) moisturizer to elbows, knees, heels and ankles, as these areas tend to become darker due to the skin texture naturally being slightly drier.

    Applying moisturizer in these areas will help dilute the tanner & therefore tone down the color for a more even application. If you have any particularly dry areas such as calluses on tops/side of feet caused by sneakers, etc you can even apply a thin layer of Vaseline to these areas before application.

    Remember the rougher, drier areas of skin will soak in more tanner & become darker so you will want to counteract this with a moisturizer in the areas needed.

    Always work in sections… Rather than randomly rubbing the product into your skin, pick an area and work from there.

    For example, start with lower legs, ankles & feet and work up to upper legs, thighs & hips. Followed by torso, chest then arms & face.

    Be certain to blend well around wrists, elbows, ankles and backs of knees. It’s also important to flex ankles and wrists so that tanner can get between the creases in skin that naturally occur in these areas.

    These areas are where your regular moisturizer will come in handy. After applying the tanner, blend a tiny amount over these areas so you will have a smooth result.  

    Also, you will have better results if you take the time to apply two coats of self-tanner rather than one thick coat. This can be done directly after the first coat or on two consecutive days if you wish. This will ensure your tan develops evenly & fades more naturally.

    Once you have finished application, it is important to use a wet washcloth or baby wipe to wipe the palms of hands (including between fingers), soles of feet, heels & between toes. Also, wipe finger & toes nails to ensure that color doesn’t develop on the cuticles.

    After your tan:

    For 6-8 hours following application it is ideal to wear dark, loose clothing or a dress; tight clothing & underwear may cause marks in your color or soak up the tanner that has absorbed into your skin before it has time to develop. Wear loose fitting shoes if possible. A great time to apply your self-tanner is before bed.

    Avoid swimming, showering or any activity that may cause you to perspire.

    After 6-8 hours you will be ready to shower. For best results & a longer lasting tan, your first shower should be in lukewarm water and fairly quick (no lingering under super hot water for 30 mins). There is no need to use soap all over your body…. Only use a gentle soap or body wash on the areas that need it.

    As basic tan maintenance, always pat your skin dry. Never rub or scrub your skin until you are ready to remove your tan.

    Especially after your first shower, & we recommend everyday after to moisturize with an alcohol free body moisturizer such as Hamptons Glow Anti-aging Body Moisturizer.

    If you’d like to extend your tan you can also start to use Hamptons Glow Body Moisturizer with Bronzer on day 3. By hydrating your skin with our moisturizer with bronzer you are continually refreshing your tan with each application.

    After day 5, lightly exfoliate with a gentle body scrub to help your skin absorb even more moisturizer and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous. This also helps the tan fade more evenly.

    Once you are ready to remove your tan completely & reapply a fresh coat of self-tanner, simply exfoliate with your favorite body scrub under warm/hot water w a regular washcloth. Pay close attention to backs of knees, groin, navel & elbows.

    To remove any residual color, vigorously rub wet skin with your towel while you are drying off.

    Whether you are using a self tanning cream for the first time or are a seasoned sunless aficionado, I hope you find the information above helpful in achieving your perfect glow!

    You are always welcome to email us with additional questions at sales@hamptonsglow.com


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