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Post-Thanksgiving Weekend Diet Recovery

It's that time of the year when you not only have back to back parties & social engagements but all that so good, but so naughty food is literally everywhere.

I love to enjoy great food with family & friends. In fact, my father is a huge foodie. He loves to cook delicious, decadent food for everyone.

We’ve all had mornings where we wake up feeling puffy & bloated and just want to put on leggings because jeans are too tight, tight, tight! Not to mention the damage all that sugar & salt can do to our complexion.

It wouldn’t be fair (or fun) if I told you to keep your eating clean every single meal of every single day. Yes, I am 100% certain Beauty Is A Lifestyleand we should always work towards being the best version of ourselves - but what kind of life would we have if we only allowed ourselves steamed fish, vegetables & no carbs? I’m certain you will agree when I say we wouldn’t have a very fun or interesting one.

I’ve struggled my way through food issues and the only way I’ve found that makes sense and is actually sustainable is to find balance between indulging & keeping a clean diet.

It’s almost like a budget…. If you know you are going to have a big holiday meal, go to your favorite restaurant, or on vacation keep this in mind as you prepare and eat your meals on other days so you can have a reasonable splurge with minimal guilt. Key word here is “reasonable”.

Typically when people indulge too much, their first impulse is to either starve themselves, skipping meals, fasting, going on a juice cleanse or even over exercising to make up for the excess calories.

Please do not consider doing ANY of these things. These behaviors create pointless self-punishment & a guilty mindset, even worse it can take you down the path to an eating disorder which is much more difficult to conquer than mustering up the willpower to avoid that plate of cookies.

Nevertheless, there will be times when you need to get back to looking and feeling your best which in turn will motivate you to stick with your health & weight goals.

Here are some tips for recovering from an overindulgence of food and drink:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This is so important because you are retaining more water than you can imagine from the salt, sugar & simple carbohydrates. In order to kick start your body into eliminating all of this excess fluid you will need to consistently hydrate. The best choices are plain water, unsweetened green tea (iced or hot) or seltzer.

I also love a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or cucumber in my water, which not only gives it a super refreshing flavor but will also help detox your skin. Aim for at least 10 8oz glasses of sugar free liquids each day. You can do it!!

Get Your Move On

Move your body…. Go for a brisk walk, a light jog, yoga, a bike ride or even better, take your dog for a walk with you. What’s important is that you get your heart rate up & break a sweat.

If you are sweating, it means your metabolism is kicking into high gear and you are burning calories and shedding excess water weight. Aim for at least 30-45 minutes. Remember to continue to hydrate during exercise so you can flush out that excess fluid.

Eat Real Food

After overdoing it the worst thing you can do to your body (and mind) is to starve yourself or skip meals. Eat your next meal as you normally would, but be sure to include lean protein, good fats & complex carbs. This combination of nutrients will keep your metabolism humming along so you won’t experience the crash that comes after eating an incomplete meal or one that contains too much sugar or too many simple carbs....which usually leads you to eat poorly again.

Some examples of good choices are:

3-4 scrambled egg whites
¼ c oatmeal with berries & 1 tbl flax oil


4 oz lean chicken on top of a bed of greens, tomato, cucumber, etc. with light salad dressing like lemon or red wine vinegar & olive oil
¼ c cooked quinoa


Individual can of tuna mixed with chopped celery, 4 cherry tomatoes, cucumber & 1tsp light mayo mixed w 2tsp mustard.
Serve open faced on toasted whole wheat or Ezekiel bread.


6oz grilled salmon
Steamed Asparagus
4oz  Baked Sweet Potato

These are just suggestions but they should give you an idea of the protein, fat & carbohydrate ratio that will help you feel satiated.

Epsom Baths

By helping your body detox, Epsom salt helps shed excess weight, reduces the appearance of cellulite and subcutaneous fluids under your skin

To prepare your Epsom bath, fill the tub with hot water and add one cup of Epsom salt while the water is running so it will dissolve easily. You can also add a quarter cup of baking soda, which also helps to detoxify.

Soak in tub for 20 minutes. Be sure to take a glass of cold water with you to drink while you are soaking so you do not become overheated. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, kidney stones or kidney disease, diabetes or heart disease before taking an Epsom soak.


One of the best things you can do after a binge is get seven to nine hours of restful sleep. Studies have shown that ample amounts of quality sleep leads to more calories burned both during the day and at night. You need to have a restful sleep in order for your body to burn more calories.

Sleep researchers have also observed that well-rested people had more restraint around food while those who were sleep-deprived not only took in more calories, but more calories from carbs and fat.

Please keep in mind that experts remind us that it may take up to three days to feel like your self again after overeating. But these tips that can help you get back on track right away. So be good to yourself because there's only one YOU!

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