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Summer is here and it’s time to get sunkissed. Bronzed skin is the best accessory and there’s no way you’re going to strut the sandy shores looking like you’ve just crawled out from hibernation. But tanning beds are dangerous and UV rays are detrimental. What’s a girl to do? This season, achieve a healthy summer glow that doesn’t put your health, beauty or fashion at risk with these top sunless secrets.    


Protect your sun from harmful UV rays

The most important step to achieving a healthy summer glow is to protect and prevent your skin from harmful UV rays. The sun is directly linked to causing severe diseases and illnesses such as cancer, and it’s also been linked to encourage premature aging. So, if nothing else, never step out into the sun without some high quality sun protection.

Use sun protection infused with essential anti aging ingredients

If you’re going to follow the first step, you might as well upgrade your experience with sun protection infused with beautifying capabilities. There’s no sense in slathering your skin with sun lotion if it’s full of toxins and chemicals. More importantly, you don’t have to.

Our premium sun screen has a 30+ SPF, has superior water resistance and is full of the antioxidants needed to fight off cancer-causing free radicals. So, don’t just wear sun block; infuse sun protection into your skincare regime and lifestyle.

Moisturize with a sunless tanner

Anyone can get a tan but not everyone has a healthy summer glow. The key to achieving rich, luscious sunkissed look is to keep your skin hydrated. Add in the Hamptons Glow body moisturizer with bronzer for a subtle yet radiant glow. The formula is infused with peptide technology which is essential for healthy, youthful skin; the bronzer is an added bonus!

Drink plenty of H20

While maximum hydration can be found in a bottle of our body bronzing moisturizer, it’s still imperative to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated from within. So, pack in some water bottles along with our body bronzing moisture before you head out to frolic on the sandy shores. H20 is nature’s best kept beauty secret.  sunless, self tanner, tanning, hamptons, glow, sun, bronze, body bronzer, face bronzer, tanning tips, sunkissed, skin firming

Enjoy the benefits and beauty of a sunless tan

Being smart about your skin and health doesn’t mean you have to stay pale. You just have to be a little more creative with the way you get your sunkissed glow and Hamptons Glow is your answer.

With our line of sunless tanning lotions, you get sunkissed skin and beauty benefits in a bottle. So, whether you’re looking for a gradual tanning lotion, a self tanning mist or an anti-aging glow, you’ve officially found it.                                              

Add in a self tanning cream that tans, tones and tightens

Complete your new summer beauty regime with a self tanning lotion that tans, tones and tightens. A tan is a tan but a tan on healthy skin is a beauty statement. So, add in some skin firming peptides and vitamins A and E for revitalized, rejuvenated, sunkissed skin this summer season.  


You’ll have all the summer glow you need, sans the potential health risks you thought were inevitable. The best tan is always a safe tan. Shop premium self tanning lotions and creams infused with essential nutrients and ingredients needed to keep your skin radiant well throughout the season. Hampton’s Glow is your secret to achieving a sunless healthy summer glow.




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