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In an ideal world, we’d have a flawless, sunkissed glow all year round. There’s nothing better than having bronzed skin that reminds you of a tropical destination. The only down side is that having a natural tan year-round often comes with a huge price – and you pay with the health of your skin & possibly melanoma. While it’s no secret that sun damage is a predominant health concern many sun-chasers face, what may surprise you is that you can get the glow without the potential danger, sans the sun!

Here are the top five differences in self tanning products you need to know for an optimal glow.


Self tanning spray is often easiest for an instant glow

There’s no need to fear the self tanning streaks. A self tanning spray is the easiest way to get a sunless glow that evenly covers your skin with a bronzing glow. Our unscented formula is perfect for quickly and easily tanning your arms, legs and face, and can even be used on top of your makeup.

To ensure a flawless, natural sunkissd look, we’ve infused our self tanning spray with antioxidants to help smooth and strengthen your skin during the tanning process.


Cream self tanners that tone, tan and tighten

self tanning spray, cream self tanner, self tanning cream, sunless, bronze, sunkissed

Gone are the days where self tanners only self tan. Grab a bottle of cream self tanner that’s infused with skin firming amino peptides and enjoy a product that tans, tones and tightens your skin. It’s more like a luxury beauty product that perfects your skin than it is a bottle of self tanner – and that’s one difference worth knowing about.


Gradual self tanning creams for subtle sunkissed skin

For the times when you need a gradual sunkissed look, as opposed to an instant skin bronzing, you need a gradual self tanner. These sunless options are designed to provide a subtle tan that gradually darkens as you continue to use it. The best part is that the luxurious formula won’t turn your skin orange no matter how many times you use it, which is often unheard of from other self tanners.  


Sunless tanning lotions that improve your skin complexion

Sunkissed skin instantly improves the appearance of your skin but not all treat the skin and instead, they simply cover it up. To ensure optimal beauty and a premium self tan, stick with Hamptons Glow Daily Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer that’s designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, cellulite and stretch marks. It’s beauty in a bottle – and one that gives you that desirable glow.

And don't worry, your self tanning doesn't have to turn into a viral faux pas sensation. You just have to stick with quality self tanning creams, lotions, and sprays designed for an optimal glow. Now that you know the different self tanning sprays and creamers available, you can find the one that’ll give you the sunkissed glow you desire.

Avoid the streaks and the potential health risks by visiting Hamptons Glow for a sunless tan


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