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The Antioxidant Sunless Mist is great to use on your entire body or simply for a quick glow on your face and neck. It's a super convenient way to tan all over or one specific area. I love to use it at night over my serums, let the tan develop while I'm sleeping & wake up to a healthy glow.

Below are some tips to help make application easy & your tan as beautiful as possible.

  1. If you are tanning your body, be sure to exfoliate & apply a thin layer of moisturizer to knees & elbows before you tan.
  2. Always, spray yourself in a well-ventilated area. You will want to apply spray in the shower or outside in order to protect your home from any overspray that will occur. Shake can well before and during your application. Stand on a towel to protect bottoms of feet. Rinse any overspray down in the shower after tanning.
  3. It’s helpful to apply Vaseline to your toes, fingernails & heels before starting in order to protect your cuticles and any rough skin from developing color. You can wipe this off with a damp washcloth after you have tanned.
  4. If you are spraying your face you will want to cover your hair with a shower cap or towel.
  5. If spraying the entire body, we find it more effective to start with feet and work your way up each leg. This way you will not be bending over to reach your legs while your torso has not totally dried.
  6. Hold the can approximately 6-8 inches from your body and spray in short, quick strokes. You will see the cosmetic bronzer on your skin, which acts as a color guide and will help you keep track of where you have tanned.
  7. If you feel like you have applied too much product in one area or it begins to pool up don’t panic. Simply dab excess with a make-up sponge or Q-tip and continue or simply leave and it should soak in.
  8. When spraying backs of hands be sure to bend your fingers so you do not have white stripes in your knuckles. Also, when spraying feet, be sure to flex feet to avoid any unevenness around your ankles.
  9. When spraying face, close eyes & hold breath and spray in a circular motion and turn your head to the left and right in order to reach sides of face. Following this step put your chin to the ceiling & apply to your neck in the same manner.
  10. After application be sure to take a damp cloth & wipe palms, bottoms of feet & remove any Vaseline from fingernails, toenails & heels.
  11. Should you develop color on your palms simply make a mixture of baking soda and water and rub hands together, which will remove the color.

Your tan will develop in 6-8 hours and depending on your lifestyle lasts for 5-7 days. Your face may fade quicker due to washing but is easy to touch up by repeating steps 9 as needed.

Please contact us at sales@hamptonsglow.com if you have any questions.



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    Rachel, I love your products. :) If that’s you in the picture. I want a date. :))

    Cheers Chris

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